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Make my muse cry. Using as many words as you’d like.



  • "I cheated on you."
  • "I saw you! I saw you with her/him!"
  • "How could you do this to me?"
  • "I thought we were okay…"
  • "We could have had it all…"
  • "You ruined me."
  • "You fucked my sister/brother? Well it’s only fair I guess… I mean I did fuck your mum/dad while we were together, so we’re even now."
  • "I don’t love you any more."
  • "You never loved me."
  • "I gave you the best years of my life."
  • "I only loved you to get into the will…"
  • "I don’t know what to do any more."
  • "I can’t keep letting you hurt me."
  • "I can’t keep hurting you."
  • "It’s not your baby…"
  • "Well guess what? I faked every orgasm!"
  • "I know it’s not my baby."
  • "I trusted me."
  • "I still love you."
  • "I… I’m just disappointed in you."
  • "I was always second place- I never really mattered did I?"
  • "Did I even mean anything to you?"
  • "I just want to know that what we had was real, even if it was so short."
  • "You can’t just leave me like this…"
  • "I’m leaving for good."
  • "I’m never coming back."
  • "I don’t want to see you ever again."

Sentence Memes.

  • "You belong to me."
  • "I found you."
  • "I’m in jail."
  • "You make me so hot."
  • "I have to leave."
  • "Please don’t leave."
  • "And what about our parents?"
  • "Who did this to you?"
  • "You shouldn’t have done that."
  • "What happened last night."
  • "We never tell anyone about this."
  • "So, you want to play games?"
  • "Does that require pants?"
  • "Lets just have a lazy day."
  • "Then go kill the bitch."
  • "I’m pregnant."
  • "You broke me."
  • "Don’t touch me."
  • "You can’t fix this."
  • "There’s nowhere we can hide."
  • "I’m not listening."
  • "Who do you think you are?"
  • "I don’t need you here."
  • "Did I fall asleep?"
  • "A little evil goes a long, long way."
  • "I will not die."
  • "I don’t care."
  • "I have no regrets."
  • "I feel numb."
  • "All monsters are human."
  • "You look beautiful, but you don’t look fine."
  • "How many time have I told you to be more careful?"
  • "Let’s get you to bed."
  • "I can’t even look at you, you promised not to get into any more fights!"
  • "Are you crazy?”
  • "Do you trust me?"
  • "How did you escape?"
  • "Is that blood behind your ear?"
  • "Take. This. Off. "
  • "What’s in it for me?"
  • "What’s in it for you?"


Body Language Cheat Sheet for Writers

As described by Selnick’s article:

Author and doctor of clinical psychology Carolyn Kaufman has released a one-page body language cheat sheet of psychological “tells” (PDF link) fiction writers can use to dress their characters.

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Dear person I hate,
Dear person I like,
Dear ex boyfriend,
Dear ex girlfriend,
Dear ex bestfriend,
Dear bestfriend,
Dear *anyone*,
Dear Santa,
Dear mom,
Dear dad,
Dear future me,
Dear past me,
Dear person I’m jealous of,
Dear person I had a crush on,
Dear girlfriend,
Dear boyfriend,
Dear [insert URL here],

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